Zero-G Lite Semolina Replacer 500g

Zero-G Lite Sooji replacer is a gluten-free specially processed sorghum (jowar) grain product that can be used to replace wheat semolina in most products. Use it to make cereals, puddings, sweets like halwa and savouries like upma, dosa and rawa!

Suitable For

  • Gluten intolerant (celiac) people
  • Autistic population

Key Features

  • Processed and packed in an ISO 22000 certified gluten-free facility
  • High in dietary fibre
  • High in calcium, potassium and iron
  • Can substitute wheat semolina for most applications



Zero-G Lite Semolina Replacer is hypo-allergen sorghum (jowar) grain product. It is very good for coeliac patients and for autistic population. It can be substituted in place of regular wheat semolina in most cases.

Manufactured in an ISO 22000 certified facility.

Use it to make halwa, dosa, upma and many other delicious dishes!

Ingredients Specially processed whole sorghum (jowar) grain.
Allergy Information Free from dairy, egg, gluten, sugar, wheat, and yeast.
Recommended Usage Use to replace wheat semolina in cereals, puddings, sweets (e.g. halwa) or savouries (e.g. upma, rawa, dosa).
Weight .500 kg

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